Travel Diary: New York


The Nomad Hotel - Atelier Room - Anafterthought Blog

The Nomad Hotel Library and Staircase - Interior - Anafterthought Blog

The Nomad Hotel Bath - Clawfoot Tub - Atelier Room

Navy NYC - Seafood - Interior Design - Blog - Travel

Marimekko NYC Storefront - Fashion - Interior Design - Blog

NYC Street View - Bike - Blog - Travel

NYC Street - Travel Blog Post - APC

NYC Street - Travel - Blog - Red Door

Ost Cafe NYC - Coffee Shop Interior - Blog - Travel

Sweet Chick NYC - Brooklyn - Waffle - Travel - Food - Blog

Sweet Chick NYC - Brooklyn - Food - Blog - Travel

Brooklyn Bridge NYC - Bokeh - Travel - Blog

You know you love a city when you make a concentrated effort to visit as often as possible, and in spite of the opportunity to visit other destinations that are equally appealing. New York, much like Charleston, is a city that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Although, it’s not for the faint of heart (those sidewalks that serve as human highways are no joke!), this city always leaves me feeling filled with inspiration.

 One of the biggest perks of this particular trip was staying at the Nomad – one of the prettiest boutique hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and though I’m a minimalist at heart, the Parisian-style interiors had me swooning. Seriously, what is more charming than a hotel room with nicely curated art and a clawfoot soaker tub? Outside of this charming stay, my days were filled with endless walking and exploring, which is almost laughable because each day I would arrive back to the hotel a sweaty mess – not to mention, in clothes that are conducive only to walking (aka: sneakers, tees, & denim ). I don’t have to tell you that this starkly contrasted the aesthetic of the hotel. On the positive side, I think I covered more ground this trip than those in the past. So hopefully, I can share a few more places that you might not have ventured into yet yourself.


A few of my favorite places from this trip:


  1. ABC Carpet & Home- Approximately the size of a department store, ABC Home offers just about everything – from home accents to jewelry and apparel.
  2. Joinery NYC- Joinery offers a variety of clothing, accessories, and textiles from independent designers and is especially known for their woven rugs. 
  3. Mociun- Custom jewelry deisgned by Caitlin Mociun + a thoughtful selection of housewares ranging from ceramics to blankets and pillows.
  4. Steven Alan Home-  One of my favorite stores, which always has affordable housewares from well-known brands to newer designers on the scene. 

  1. Navy NYC- Tasty seafood dishes in a relaxed atmosphere (definitely worth stopping by if you are in the area)
  2. Kiin Thai Eatery- Traditional Thai food with a very photo-friendly interior
  3. Sweet Chick- Southern style food with a twist
  4. Ost Café- One of the few NYC cafes I’ve been to that’s actually favorable for reading, the coffee is good too ;)
  5. Lafayette Grand Café- I only spent time in the bakery section but both the food and coffee were truly excellent.  

Featured in above photos: The Nomad Hotel, Navy NYC, Marimekko, Ost Cafe, and Sweet Chick.

-all photos by me


Charleston S.C.


Charleston - Caviar & Bananas - Pink House - Blog

Xiao Bao Biscuit - Interior - Charleston S.C. - Blog

Rainbow Row - Charleston S.C. - Street View - Anafterthought Blog

Charleston S.C. Home - Window Box - Anafterthought Blog

Charleston S.C. - Historic District & Folly Beach - Anafterthought Blog

Charleston Downtown Historic District - Blue Home - Anafterthought Blog

Historic Home - Window - Charleston S.C. - Anafterthought Blog

The Ordinary - Charleston S.C. - Seafood - Food - Anafterthought Blog

Charleston S.C. Historic District - Greenery - Window Box

Home in Charleston S.C. - Magnolia Tree - Charm

Pink Home in Charleston S.C. - Anafterthought Blog

Charleston S.C. - Swamp - Anafterthought Blog

Alligator in Charleston S.C. swamp - Anafterthought Blog

Ahh, Charleston. This city has officially become my main destination for weekend getaways, partially due to its location, but also because of its supreme greatness :) This particular trip I wanted to wander around the historic district to search for quirky architectural details. I think I became a little preoccupied with the windows… one must never underestimate the power of a good flower box, no? In all seriousness though, this is the place to be if you are in search of good architecture. I could have spent days wandering around in those neighborhoods. 

The next item on my agenda was to try some new restaurants that had opened up downtown. Charleston really is the land of good restaurants, but I must say that The Ordinary is by far one of the better restaurants I’ve been to in Charleston - if not the best. If you are a seafood lover you really need to give it a try. 

The other restaurant I was excited to try was Xiao Bao Biscuit.  They serve Asian soul food at a reasonable price, and have a low-key atmosphere (which is excellently designed in my opinion). I think this would be a place I would frequent if I lived in the area. But just a word of advice, many of their dishes are rather spicy, so if you aren’t a person that can stomach very spicy foods, you may want to opt for menu options that are milder. 

A lot of travel guides online state that you should spend an average of 3-4 days in Charleston, but I have to disagree (especially if you are a travel photographer). There are still places I have yet to explore in the surrounding area, and this is after many many trips to Charleston. I think people often forget the surrounding islands, museums, plantations, and Folly beach, which is roughly 5-10 minutes away. If all goes well, I’ll visit there once more this summer (which means another blog post :] ). 

-all photos by me




Fringed Tulip - Anafterthought - Blog - Tabletop

Fringed Pink Tulip - Anafterthought Blog - Flowers

Fringed Tulip Flower - Anafterthought Blog - Lifestyle

Fringed Tulip - On The Table

My boyfriend surprised me with fringed tulips for V-day. I had seen these hybrids before but had always opted for the more common variety, because to be honest, these aren't the most visually appealing flowers when they are fresh. I must say though, I have never seen flowers wilt so beautifully before. As they begin to decay, their fringe begins to crinkle up (adding character to their natural gradient), and their shape also seems to get a little more rounded. I hadn’t planned on photographing them, but towards the end of their aging process I couldn’t resist.

-all photos are by me


Laite Atelier


Laite Atelier Jewelry - Anafterthought Blog

Laite Jewelry - Anafterthought Blog - Wearlaite

About a month or so ago I had entered Laite Atelier's customer loyalty giveaway on instagram, and to my surprise, I won! I cannot tell you how excited I was (and still am) about it. I absolutely love this jewelry line, and have long admired the brand for it's minimal aesthetic and effortlessness. I've found that the pieces I have (the Atlantis ring - and now the linear ring) go with just about anything, saving me the trouble of trying to accessorize in the early morning hours (a time when my brain often fails me). If you are looking for jewelry that is simple, but a bit different, this is the way to go!

Coffee and Cocoa


Coffee and Cocoa - Anafterthought Blog - Recipe

Although I’ve tried many tea-infused hot cocoa recipes, for some reason I have never gotten around to trying any coffee and cocoa recipes until now. A classmate of mine had talked about this combo recently, which reminded me that I still needed to give it a try. After searching for recipes online I found that most called for unsweetened cocoa, white sugar, coffee, and milk, but I decided to substitute milk for butter and the sugar and unsweetened cocoa for a hot chocolate packet (which is essentially the same thing). If you like hot chocolate and coffee this might be a new alternative to make your cocoa extra special ;)

you’ll need to blend the following ingredients:

freshly brewed coffee (2 cups)

1 hot chocolate packet

1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder

1.5 tablespoons of butter 

*Atlantis ring by Laite Jewelry 


Nashville Short-lived


Imogene and Willie Front Entrance - Anafterthought Blog

Imogene and Willie - Anafterthought Blog

Aesop Skincare at Imogene and Willie - Blog

Cacti inside Imogene and Willie Store - Anafterthought Blog

Barista Parlor Interior - Anafterthought - Black and White

Barista Parlor Interior - Anafterthought Blog

Barista Parlor Interior - Anafterthought - Coffee Shop

Barista Parlor Tea - Anafterthought - Nashville

Cortado at Barista Parlor - Anafterthought - Coffee

A few days ago my boyfriend and I were in Nashville visiting his brother for a couple days. Although most of my time there was spent hulled up inside working on my thesis proposal, I did manage to make my way out for a little bit to go to a couple of places I had wanted to visit. The shots above are of Imogene and Willie and Barista Parlor, both of which are great places to go if you are ever in Nashville. I must tell you, I think Barista Parlor is the largest coffee shop I’ve ever been to.. which is an irrelevant fact I just had to throw in there. But the coffee itself was very good. The other two places I visited were Local Honey (not featured here) and Imogene and Willie. Local Honey was on my list of places to go because they sell used clothing for very reasonable prices (the only item I bought in Nashville was a pair of used Steven by Steven Madden Oxfords there for $25). Imogene and Willie also was on my list of places to go because I always think its very interesting to see a company in its infancy or younger years, and who doesn't want to see an old gas station that has been converted into a storefront? They are known for their denim, but as you can see, they also have a nice selection of skin care products for men/women, and even a Warby Parker section. Of all the things they had there, I probably liked their watch cap beanies the most (which appeared to be well made and somehow looked surprisingly good on my head).

-all photos by me