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Lately, I’ve been wanting to take more photos of wildlife. Pelicans have always been on the agenda, but I’ve always struggled finding a location where they were plentiful. Common sense tells you that they would be located in areas with less human traffic, but even if you venture into more remote territory, you still need to be located near something that draws them (or wait for hours on end). Luckily, I found a marina that was known for feeding the pelicans scraps from their fishing trips. I know this is a controversial thing, and I’m aware of the dangers of feeding pelicans fish that are too large or boney for them to consume. However, these fisherman made sure to feed the birds appropriately. A local offered me the opportunity to take pictures from his dock, and also offered to let me feed them myself. Such hospitality, I know! :)  I don’t think I have to tell you that I was in heaven throughout this experience. Pelicans were swimming in the water around me, and the braver ones would even waddle past me on the dock. I was told me to come back in the spring to see the baby pelicans, but I don’t know if my heart could even take that.

-all photos by me

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