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Jellyfish - Blog Post - Lifestyle - Alien - Photography

Jelly Fish - Blog Post - Lifestyle - Black and White Photography

Jellyfish - Blog Post - Lifestyle - Aquarium - Photography

Jellyfish - Blog Post - Lifestyle - Aquarium - Japanese Nettle

Japanese Nettle Jellyfish - Blog - Anafterthought

Ever since watching Will Smith’s movie Seven Pounds I’ve had a different appreciation for jellyfish (which might sound strange given the plot). If you’ve seen the movie, you know I’m referring to the box jellyfish that Smith kept in a large fish tank. The jellyfish was undeniably beautiful and graceful, and a powerful symbol throughout the movie. Prior to the movie, jellyfish evoked a somewhat gross image in my mind. They were the creatures that I had to make sure I didn’t step on when walking on the beach, the creatures I knew that could give a nasty sting. Somehow, I had missed the beauty of them before, and certainly, they look so much different in the water than washed ashore, but even visiting aquariums as a young child, I don’t recall being captivated by them as much as I am now. It’s funny how time can do that, a few years back I spent most time trying touch the sting rays or horseshoe crabs in the aquariums, and now I find that my favorite place is right in front of the jellyfish tank.


-All photos above are by me, and the species is the Japanese Nettle


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Cameron on October 3, 2015, 4:09 pm said:

I think I like the black and white photo of the jellyfish because it is about shape, texture, lighting and composition. When I shoot in black and white and I improve my photography skills and eye for a photo. Nice blog.

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