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The Nomad Hotel - Atelier Room - Anafterthought Blog

The Nomad Hotel Library and Staircase - Interior - Anafterthought Blog

The Nomad Hotel Bath - Clawfoot Tub - Atelier Room

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Sweet Chick NYC - Brooklyn - Food - Blog - Travel

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You know you love a city when you make a concentrated effort to visit as often as possible, and in spite of the opportunity to visit other destinations that are equally appealing. New York, much like Charleston, is a city that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Although, it’s not for the faint of heart (those sidewalks that serve as human highways are no joke!), this city always leaves me feeling filled with inspiration.

 One of the biggest perks of this particular trip was staying at the Nomad – one of the prettiest boutique hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and though I’m a minimalist at heart, the Parisian-style interiors had me swooning. Seriously, what is more charming than a hotel room with nicely curated art and a clawfoot soaker tub? Outside of this charming stay, my days were filled with endless walking and exploring, which is almost laughable because each day I would arrive back to the hotel a sweaty mess – not to mention, in clothes that are conducive only to walking (aka: sneakers, tees, & denim ). I don’t have to tell you that this starkly contrasted the aesthetic of the hotel. On the positive side, I think I covered more ground this trip than those in the past. So hopefully, I can share a few more places that you might not have ventured into yet yourself.


A few of my favorite places from this trip:


  1. ABC Carpet & Home- Approximately the size of a department store, ABC Home offers just about everything – from home accents to jewelry and apparel.
  2. Joinery NYC- Joinery offers a variety of clothing, accessories, and textiles from independent designers and is especially known for their woven rugs. 
  3. Mociun- Custom jewelry deisgned by Caitlin Mociun + a thoughtful selection of housewares ranging from ceramics to blankets and pillows.
  4. Steven Alan Home-  One of my favorite stores, which always has affordable housewares from well-known brands to newer designers on the scene. 

  1. Navy NYC- Tasty seafood dishes in a relaxed atmosphere (definitely worth stopping by if you are in the area)
  2. Kiin Thai Eatery- Traditional Thai food with a very photo-friendly interior
  3. Sweet Chick- Southern style food with a twist
  4. Ost Café- One of the few NYC cafes I’ve been to that’s actually favorable for reading, the coffee is good too ;)
  5. Lafayette Grand Café- I only spent time in the bakery section but both the food and coffee were truly excellent.  

Featured in above photos: The Nomad Hotel, Navy NYC, Marimekko, Ost Cafe, and Sweet Chick.

-all photos by me

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